American Staffordshire Training Tips

Bulls created by cross between a bulldog terrier. Unfortunately, the first Breeders wanted it for war dogs because it is a strong dog, muscular, brave and targeted. Later American Staffordshire  were used as sheepdogs in America, in security and hunting. Bulls dog is alert, courageous, stubborn.

Amstaff – american staffordshire terrier brown Dog Tag

We’ve all heard negative things about this race, but the reason is that training is not true. Bulls can grow to be dog friendly and isolated by humans and dogs. This requires training and socialization from an early age. If you are inexperienced at dog training, dog trainer will be assisted better, because the bulls needed taming true, otherwise it will be difficult to control him when he grows up.



Amstaff -american staffordshire terrier Dog Tag

American Staffordshire is a dog with strength and great energy. In order to maintain the integrity of the home furniture and belongings, we recommend removing the bulls walks, runs and games as possible. Have to worry about the physical and mental stimulation to avoid states of boredom. Bulls has powerful jaws and if left alone can cause great damage in a short time. Bulls must go through educational discipline. There is a great advantage in finding A dog who specializes in this race. Some dog trainer will choose to work with a relatively rigid approach this dog. In any case, it is your responsibility to carry out comprehensive research and find an experienced trainer with American Staffordshire. If you have extensive experience in education and an increase in dogs can be, you can of course do the training yourself, but in most cases require some help from an expert.

Education bulls should start on the day you bring your puppy into your home.

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All the dogs live band structure by nature, and as such, they need a leader. The first leader of the bulls was his mother. Before your pups left its habitat, life lessons he learned from his mother and his brothers. Now you have to grab the role of leader and make him understand what is appropriate behavior in terms of his canine brain understands. Remember that from the perspective of puppies, our human rules do not make sense!


Amstaff ideal age education bulls

Remember this: the first 20 weeks of life of each dog are the most valuable time of learning. This is the age where his mind is still fresh and able to absorb any rate, positive or negative. Positive experiences and proper socialization at this stage in his life are critical to its future development and mental stability. The quantity and quality of time you spend in your youth of the bulls at this stage will determine what kind of dog he will grow up to be.

Dog behavioral science tells us that the dog will return to the activity he was rewarded for it. This is called positive reinforcement. If something good happens, like delicious candy or hugs and kisses, puppy naturally wants to repeat the behavior. That study has also been shown that one of the best ways puppy’s attention is through his stomach. Keep your pockets full of sweets puppies at any time, so you can always reinforce good behavior as soon as it occurs. For example, when you call his name and the dog is looking at you or comes at you – an act that can reward her dog.

The same principle applies also to strengthen the negative behavior or what we humans might consider as negative, like digging in the garbage can (dog knows not to). If your dog rummaging through garbage, stealing food or do anything that makes him feel good, he’ll do it again. How avoided the normal behavior of the dog? Give the dog a prize when he heard your orders.

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Important rule: The only way it can live in harmony with your bulls, is whether he will see you the alpha male of the group

Rule number two: you have to teach him a way they will understand. Always remember that the cub does not know what is human behavior. His mother and his brother taught him how to integrate human environment – this is your job.

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