Border Collie Training Tips

Border Collie dogs originally nurtured to help herders in Scotland. Towers intensified and strengthened its training capacity and intelligence, rather than the outward appearance. This intelligent breed of dogs. Ability to perform difficult tasks attests to the ability of learning, understanding, and ability to partner with other dogs. However, her wisdom could create a challenge for Border Collie. Border Collie will have to go through primary education obedience and submission, if we want to understand and obey the rules of his new human world. Although Border Collie learns quickly and has a strong desire to please, it can also be possessive and defensive fighting in relation to family and property. Obedience training is the only way a family dog. It starts on consignment your voice comes home with you.

All the dogs live band structure by nature, and as such, they need a leader. The first leader of border your voice was his mother. All his life lessons came from my mother and other litter puppies. Now you have to grab the role of leader and make him understand what is proper behavior in terms of his canine brain understands. Remember that from the perspective of a puppy, there is no logic to human rules.

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Right Age to Start training a Border Collie

Remember this: the first 5 months of life of each dog are precious learning time. This is the age where his mind is still fresh and able to absorb any rate, positive or negative. Positive experiences and socialization right at this age are critical to its future development and mental stability. The quantity and quality of time you spend with your dogs youth and your voice at this stage will determine what kind of dog he will be.

Dog behavioral science tells us that all prize rewarded behavior is repeated. This is called positive reinforcement. If something good happens, like delicious candy or hugs and kisses, puppy naturally wish to repeat the behavior. That study has also been shown that one of the best ways puppy’s attention is through his stomach. Always keep the pockets loaded with snacks puppies, so you’re willing to reinforce good behavior every time it occurs.

The same principle applies also to strengthen the negative behavior or what we humans might consider as negative, like digging in the garbage can (dog knows not to). If the puppy is digging into the trap, stealing food or does that makes him feel good, he will return to action. How avoided the normal behavior of the dog? Give the dog a prize when he heard your orders.

An important rule: puppy must learn that you are the alpha dog now and his new band leader.

Another important rule: You have to teach him a way they will understand. Always remember that the cub does not know anything about human standards of conduct. Love and Tolerance absolutely necessary.

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