Cane Corso Dog Training Tips

The Cane Corso originated in Italy (2000 years ago). Some argue that originally served as a war dog for the Roman Empire. Italy used this race to a variety of roles – hunting dog, a guard dog. Cane Corso dog is not only strong and tough, but also dog friendly and family-run stable character. This rare combination of qualities made him an excellent working dog and led many farmers to adopt the same routine day and use it. Among other things, this dog was used to secure trucks, keeping cattle. They also helped transport speeds of the controller (on the market or slaughter). If necessary Cane Corso was required to impose his authority on such a huge animal Taurus. This race is also an animal extraordinarily intelligent. However, it may be challenging trick for Cane Corso. Cane Corso will be required to undergo a thorough education and obedience for authority, if we want to understand and act according to the rules of his new human world. Despite Cane Corso learns quickly and has a strong desire to please, it can also be possessive and defensive fighting in relation to family and property. Puppy training is the only way a family dog. Cane Corso education should start on the day you bring your puppy into your home.

All the dogs live in packs in the wild, and as such, they need a leader. The first boss of the Cane Corso was your mother. All his life lessons came from my mother and other litter puppies. Now you have to grab the role of leader and make him understand what is proper behavior in terms of his little brain to understand. Remember that from the perspective of a puppy, there is no logic to human rules.

Cane Corso black Dog Tag

Cane Corso puppy – Cane corso when you should start with training a Cane Corso

Remember this – the best time of the study is the first five months of his dog (any dog). This is the age where his mind is still fresh and able to absorb any rate, positive or negative. Good impressions and socialization is right at this point in his life are critical to the development adult dog. The amount and quality of time you spend in your Cane Corso puppy at this point will determine what kind of dog he will grow up to be.

Cane Corso Dog Tag

Dog behavioral science tells us that the dog will return to the activity he was rewarded for it. This is called positive reinforcement. If something good happens, like delicious candy or hugs and kisses, puppy naturally wants to repeat the behavior. That study has also been shown that one of the best ways a puppy’s brain is through his stomach. Keep your pockets full of sweets puppies at any time, so you can always reinforce good behavior as soon as it occurs.

Can strengthen the puppy when he manages to avoid negative behavior or what we humans might consider unacceptable, such as digging in the garbage can (dog knows not to). If your dog is digging into the trap, eat your food or do anything that makes him feel good, he’ll do it again. In this situation you should keep an eye out and watch. He needs to learn what is right and wrong way to reward and your corrections.

An important rule: puppy must learn that you are the alpha dog now and his new band leader.

Another important rule: You have to teach him a way they will understand. Always remember that the cub does not know what is human behavior. This is not something that speaks to him or selling him.

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