Chihuahua Dog Training

Did You Know? Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world. What is the source of the strange name? It turns out that Mexico has a state named Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are characterized by small dimensions, large eyes and large ears and erect. There are two types of Chihuahua – hairy with short and long-haired and smooth. Chihuahua  are beautiful dogs, cute and energetic. They are also smart and dedicated. Should take into consideration that dogs of this breed there is a tendency to bind strongly to their owners and would be difficult to separate them if necessary. This is dependent dog – dogs of this breed sometimes refuse to go and wait for the owners bear them in their hands. Chihuahua loves cuddling and is an excellent companion to its owner (though they are not for everyone).

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Chihuahua Dog Training

Chihuahua dogs are a breed of tame convenience. If you thought it was an animal similar to a cat and you can teach the Chihuahua to relieve a box – you should know that they would prefer to go the way of all dogs and do their business outside. Especially due to their small size, these dogs may become aggressive if you do not give them socialized at a young age. To expose them to different places and people. It is very important to train your Chihuahua outside toilet as soon as possible. Tiny dogs known to be more challenged when it comes to rehab supplies. How rewarding a dog defecating in the house? Many frequent trips out. Praise the dog when he eliminates outside and also can give a snack to create a clear connection between the action and the fun outside, the dog will understand that he should. When runaway dog ​​house should say ‘no’ and remove it immediately out. Chihuahua dog will go through primary education obedience and submission, if we want to understand and act according to the rules of his new human world. Although Chihuahua learns easily and has a strong desire to please, it can also be possessive and defensive fighting in relation to the family and their property. Puppy training is the only way to live in peace with the dog at home. It starts on dispatching your Chihuahua comes home with you.

All the dogs live band structure by nature, and as such, they need a leader. The first boss of your Chihuahua was his mother. Before your pups left its habitat, life lessons he learned from his mother and his brothers. Now you have to grab the role of leader and make him understand what is appropriate behavior in terms of his canine brain understands. Canine point of view, there is no logic to human rules.

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Chihuahua Puppies – Chihuahua education ideal age

It is important to know that the first 20 weeks each dog’s life are the most appropriate time for learning. A period when his mind is still fresh and able to absorb any rate, positive or negative. Good impressions and socialization that age are critical to its future development and mental stability. The quantity and quality of time you spend in your Chihuahua’s youth at this stage will determine what kind of dog he will.

Due to their size, there is no need to remove these dogs for long walks, they get tired enough from walking as a house. This is a gentle dog. Even when you select a track, it is best to choose a harness that will facilitate them and not hurt the neck.

A positive approach to training

According to studies done on dogs, all behavior rewarded with a prize to be repeated. This is called positive reinforcement. If something happens like delicious candy happy or hugs and kisses, puppy naturally wants to repeat the behavior. That study has also been shown that one of the best ways a puppy’s brain is through his stomach. Always keep the pockets loaded with snacks puppies, so you’re willing to reinforce good behavior every time it occurs.

And how to punish the dog for inappropriate behavior? There is no need to use violence of any kind. Misconduct can say ‘no’ and to prevent the dog privileges as snacks and stroking a few minutes.

Another important rule: You have to teach him a way they will understand. Always remember that the cub does not know anything about human standards of conduct.

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