Boxer Dog Training Tips

Boxer dog is solid and big. Boxer comes in many colors and sizes, and there are three types of dogs Boxer: English, German and American. Boxer can be brown, brindle, or white. Bullfrog special interior structure: short and wide skull, a square nose, very strong jaws and bite is not recommended experience at all. Boxers are energetic and competitive, dogs love to play and frolic very. Dog is very curious and active love learning. Although sometimes used in security boxers, This is a dog who can show affection to family members and children. The high energy of this dog is sometimes a challenge to its owner. Boxer will have to go through primary education obedience and submission as all the other races, but here implications for the integrity and domestic peace are particularly significant. Boxer education should start on the day you bring your puppy into your home.

Boxer brown and black Dog Tag ID

All the dogs live band structure by nature, and as such, they need a leader. The first boss of your boxer was his mother. All his life lessons came from my mother and other litter puppies. Now you have to grab the role of leader and make him understand what is appropriate behavior in terms of his little brain to understand. Remember that from the perspective of a puppy, there is no logic to human rules.

Ideal age for Boxer training

When you start the training process, take this fact into account: the first 20 weeks each dog’s life are the most appropriate time for learning. This is the age where his mind optimum condition and able to absorb any rate, positive or negative. Good impressions and socialization right at this age are critical to its future development and mental stability. The amount and quality of time you spend in your boxer puppy at this time determines what kind of adult he will.

According to studies done on dogs, all behavior rewarded with a prize to be repeated. This is called positive reinforcement. If something happens as a treat or joyful hugs and delicious snacks, puppy naturally wants to repeat the behavior. That study has also been shown that one of the best ways a puppy’s brain is through his stomach. Keep your pockets full of sweets puppies at any time, so you can always reinforce good behavior as soon as it occurs.

Boxer brown and white Dog Tag

The same principle applies also to strengthen the negative behavior or what we humans might consider as negative, like digging in the garbage can (dog does not know that this is not true). If Gore picking garbage, stealing food or do anything that makes him feel good, he’ll do it again. In this situation you should keep an eye out and watch. He needs to learn what is right and wrong way to reward and your corrections.

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