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French Bulldog Dog Training Tips French Bulldog (French Bulldog) is a bulldog. It can be assumed by name originated in France, but in truth originated in England. According to legend, during the industrial revolution in France, English immigrants who seek work these dogs showed them that displeases some have dubbed a French Bulldog. In any […]

Did You Know? Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world. What is the source of the strange name? It turns out that Mexico has a state named Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are characterized by small dimensions, large eyes and large ears and erect. There are two types of Chihuahua – hairy with short and long-haired and […]

The Cane Corso originated in Italy (2000 years ago). Some argue that originally served as a war dog for the Roman Empire. Italy used this race to a variety of roles – hunting dog, a guard dog. Cane Corso dog is not only strong and tough, but also dog friendly and family-run stable character. This […]

Boxer dog is solid and big. Boxer comes in many colors and sizes, and there are three types of dogs Boxer: English, German and American. Boxer can be brown, brindle, or white. Bullfrog special interior structure: short and wide skull, a square nose, very strong jaws and bite is not recommended experience at all. Boxers […]

Border Collie dogs originally nurtured to help herders in Scotland. Towers intensified and strengthened its training capacity and intelligence, rather than the outward appearance. This intelligent breed of dogs. Ability to perform difficult tasks attests to the ability of learning, understanding, and ability to partner with other dogs. However, her wisdom could create a challenge for […]

Australian Shepherd is equipped with medium-length fur dotted with patches of black, blue, red and brown. These spots give every dog ​​a unique look. In terms of physique – medium compact body, relatively long. Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd originated in the United States, if that is indeed common in Australia. The role sheepdog […]

Bulls created by cross between a bulldog terrier. Unfortunately, the first Breeders wanted it for war dogs because it is a strong dog, muscular, brave and targeted. Later American Staffordshire  were used as sheepdogs in America, in security and hunting. Bulls dog is alert, courageous, stubborn. Amstaff – american staffordshire terrier brown Dog Tag We’ve all […]